Widower Wednesday: Widower Movies

Me and Marathon Girl spent the morning signing the paperwork to officially sell our home, making us temporarily homeless until our other home closes. As a result I haven’t had much of a chance to write out or even think about a Widower Wednesday column this week.  (I promise to have a regular post next week.)

So what I want to do this week is follow-up on an email I received this morning asking me if I could recommend some movies about widowers. To be honest, I don’t go out actively looking for movies about widowers, grief, or moving on. If I happen to watch a movie that’s about a widower it’s more chance than choice. But I do see how such a list could be valuable to GOWs, WOWs, and widowers. I’d even be happy to watch some of the most loved or hated movies and see

So what I’d like from you are widower-themed movies that you (or your widower) have loved or hated and the reason why it was such a great or horrible movie. To contribute, just leave a comment below. I’ll compile a list and publish it in a future column.

And for the record, the best movie I’ve seen about widowers so far was UP. I thought the movie did "a great job of dealing with the subjects of death, grief, and moving on better than any other film in recent memory." Read my full review here.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing what movies you'd like to see on the list.