Widower Wednesday: Leap of Faith

I’ll be sending Marring a Widower off to my editor tonight. That means I’ll be going through all the submitted stores over the next few days. Hopefully by the time I get the manuscript back next week I’ll have read through all of them and will know which ones will be included in the book.

Also, if you’ve sent me an email in the last week or so about widower-related concerns, I’ll be catching up on emails as well over the next few days. I’ve been so busy with the book I’ve been neglecting email as well. I apologize for the delay. Look for a reply in your inbox soon!


Yesterday Marathon Girl and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. During the day I thought about our courtship and all the issues we had to work through in order to reach a point where we could tie the knot.  It took a lot of effort on both our parts to make it that far but we both wanted things enough that we were willing to put in the necessary effort to make it happen.

Even after all our work it still took a leap of faith for both of us to take the ultimate step. Marathon Girl knew she was the center of my universe because of my words and actions. For example, there were no guarantees that it would be smooth sailing. There was always a chance, however small, that I could decide that I had made the wrong choice or wasn’t ready to move on. On the other side even though I knew Marathon Girl was working through her concerns but there was no certainty that she wouldn’t just throw up her hands and say that she couldn’t take it anymore. Despite this we pressed forward and pledged our love to each other for all eternity.

I bring this up because sometimes I read through my emails or posts on the Dating a Widower Facebook group and see a lot of GOWs and widowers who are madly in love with each other but have just enough doubt about the future that they’re scared to take that next step because there’s a chance that, for whatever reason, it may not work out.

Marrying someone is a journey. And whether you’re marring a widow(er), someone who’s divorced, or someone who’s single, you can only see so far into the future. Every act of marriage is a leap of faith as there are never any guarantees what will happen one, five, or 10 years down the road. Sometimes our spouse makes choices that throw a monkey wrench into the marriage and destroy it. Other times life events (job loss, illness) come and add stress and other issues into the relationship. But trials and tribulations will come no matter what choice we make. Hard times are simply part of our life on Earth.

There are no guarantees that anything in this life will turn out the way we hope or want them to. But I’ve found that more often than not sometimes you just got to take that step into the unknown then work hard and pray that things pan out. Taking a chance after you’ve done all that you can do is better that living in a constant state of worry about what to do.

Not all of my leaps of faith have panned out but most of them have. Even those that haven’t worked have taught me enough that I’ve been able to make better decisions down the road. My marriage to Marathon Girl has far exceeded both of our expectations. I’ve never been happier with someone even when hard and challenging times have presented themselves. No matter what difficult circumstances have come, we’ve held each other’s hand and worked through them together.

So if there aren’t any major red flags in your relationship, don’t let unfounded worries hold you back from marrying the person you love. There will always be hard times in our lives, but often these hard times are easier to deal with when we have that one special person to walk by our side and help us out along the way.