Widower Wednesday: Cover Suggestions

Instead of dishing out advice this Wednesday, I'm asking for your help. I'm working with a designer on the Marrying a Widower cover but seem to be hitting a brick wall. We've gone through several rounds of designs but I'm kind of stuck on how to make it better. The cover below is the latest design. Though I like the two rings, something about the angle of the woman's ring isn't quite right. But I guess I've looked at this an similar concepts so long, I can't think straight.

So check out the cover below and ask yourself the following questions:

  • If the woman's ring has a better position, would that work?
  • Is there another universal image that would signify marriage aside from wedding rings?
  • Anything else that would make the cover more attractive?
Keep in mind that since this is a follow-up book to Dating a Widower I'd like to keep some of the same branding elements in place so readers will know the two books are connected. Also I'm still working on a subtitle. The one on this cover isn't final. Anyway, please send me your suggestions. I could use a good dose of insight and creativity now. Post your thoughts in a comments below or send me an email.