Widower Wednesday: Call For Marrying a Widower Stories

Three days ago I started writing Marrying a Widower, the follow-up book to my Dating a Widower book. I hope to have the book available no later than May 2012.

As with Dating a Widower, I’m looking for one or two real life stories to add at the end of every chapter. The stories you submit can be positive ones, “learning” experiences, or something in between. The purpose of these stories is to help readers know if the widower they're dating is ready to tie the knot and if marrying a widower is right for them. If you’re interested in sharing your story, you must be engaged to, previously engaged to, married to, divorced from, or in a co mmitted lifelong relationship with a widower.

I’m particularly looking for stories that can address the following situations:

  • How did you know the widower was (or wasn’t) ready for marriage?
  • How did you learn to communicate with your widower?
  • What are some ways you made the late wife’s home feel like your home?
  • How did you handle the late wife’s family being part of your new life?
  • How did you successfully blend families or deal with the widower’s adult and minor children?
  • What are some new traditions that you and the widower started that helped make your relationship seem new instead of a rehash of his previous marriage?
  • How did you deal with burial arrangements, wills, and other end of life issues?
  • What are some things the widower does to make you feel like number one? What are some things you do to make him feel like number one?
  • How did you set expectations so the widower realized you were a different person than the late wife?
  • If your widower does his best to make you feel like number one, how did you overcome any insecurities that still made you feel like second best?

To submit your story for consideration, send me an email. Please keep submissions between 250-750 words. You can submit more than one story but please send them in different emails. (This way I can organize them for quick reference.) All submissions must be received by February 15, 2012. I’ll be letting people know if their essay will appear in the book by the end of February.

If your story is selected, you’ll receive a free copy of the Marrying a Widower book as soon as it’s published. To protect your privacy, you can publish your story under a pen name if you wish.

Questions? Email me.

Thanks in advance for your help!