Widower Wednesday: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get a Memorial Tattoo

Awhile back I wrote about how GOWs and WOWs can deal with widowers who have memorial tattoos on their body.  For widowers who may be considering getting one, here are 5 reasons not to get a tattoo that memorializes the late wife.

  1. It’s an emotional decision. Most tattoos commemorating the deceased are purely emotional decisions made soon after the loss of the spouse. Emotional decisions rarely turn out well. If you really feel that you need to memorialize your late spouse with a tattoo, wait a year and see how you feel the same way.
  2. There are better ways to remember someone. If you really want to keep someone’s memory alive, raise money for charity, start a scholarship, or some other activity that can help and benefit others. Better yet, through your actions, be the kind of person the late wife would be proud of if she were still around.
  3. It will interfere with future relationships. Though most widowers probably aren’t even thinking about dating again when they get a memorial tattoo, once they start another relationship, the tattoo usually gets in the way. If you don’t think most women will get over it or used to it, ask yourself what it would be like to see that the name of her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband ever y time you looked at her or got into bed with her.
  4. They can make it harder to move on. One of the biggest obstacles that hold the widowed on from moving on are constant reminders of their loss. Memorial tattoos, especially those that are easy to see every time you look at your body or see yourself in a mirror, serve as a constant reminder of what was lost and make it harder to move past the loss. The best way to keep someone alive is in one’s heart—not their arm, back, or chest.
  5. They could go horribly wrong. Check out the memorial tattoo below and decide if you’d like something like this on your body for the rest of your life.

Update: A reader, Tiffany, thought the following diagram would also help those wondering whether or not to get a memorial tattoo.

Tattoo Flowchart