Super Bowl XL: Seahawks vs. Steelers

Being from Washington State, Marathon Girl says we're rooting for Seattle in this year's Super Bowl. That's fine by me. I don't care about either team. So if Marathon Girl says we're pulling for Seattle, that's who I'll pull for. But I don't think Seattle will win. If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on Pittsburg. But I do think the game should be close and an enjoyable one to watch. Both teams have good QBs, RBs, and defenses and are evenly matched. However, I think Pittsburgh has more big game experience than Seattle. Watch that to pay off as the team is more cool and collected than Seattle during the game and is able to make the big plays when needed. Watch Pittsburg win the game with a last second field goal.
I'm really looking forward to this Sunday. The popularity of my Super Bowl party has exploded this year. There could be upwards of 20-30 people in attendance. Our main concern is hoping we have enough food for everyone.

I've always been amazed at friends and family who have no interest in football whatsoever who will come to watch the game and socialize. Originally these parties started out more as a birthday party for me since my birthday and the Super Bowl were usually within a few days of each other and, occasionally, on the day of the big game. But lately it's become more of a big event for friends and family to gather and have an enjoyable evening together. And I think that's what I like most about my parties. They aren't so much about the game (unless Denver is playing) as they are the opportunity to have an enjoyable evening with those who I love.

And a final football note to the Denver Broncos. Rumor has it you're looking at bringing in either Ricky Williams or Terrell Owens to join the team next year. My advice is this: Don't bring either of them on board. Both have huge egos could have a disruptive influence on the team that is known for working together instead of individual stars. Bringing either one of these people on board could cause more problems then they fix.