Lesson Learned

The Super Bowl may not have been as close as I thought it was going to be but I sure called the reason why Pittsburgh would win. They were calm and collected the entire game. Even when they started slow, they kept with their game plan and bit by bit chewed up the Seahawks. Seattle, on the other hand, had some of the worst time management I've seen in a Super Bow. When it came to crunch time it looked like they looked confused and unsure of themselves when it mattered most.

But the party was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Like usual, I ate way too much food - especially of my scrumptious chicken wings. It's nice to have a day when you can watch football and eat good food.


Aidan is turning into a parrot. He'll mimic just about anything I say as he learns to string words together and form sentences. It's been a humbling experience as now I'm learning what an example I am to my son. The other day I was having a tough day. I went to through something in the garbage and missed. I made a growling sound (which if you listend real close would sound like a swear word) as I picked up the garbage and threw it in the trash. A second later I heard the same sound behind me and turned to see Aidan standing there with a smile on his face, obviously pleased that he can growl (read: swear under his breath) like daddy. Then he growled again, waiting for me to approve. (Yeah, I felt like an idiot right then.) So I'm learning to watch my language and actions more now that Aidan is all about doing things like Dad. Though far from perfect, I really don't want Aidan picking up on my bad habits.