Marathon Girl is Super Woman

Marathon Girl has a nickname among some in the neighborhood. That nickname is Super Woman. A lot of this reputation comes from the fact that she runs all the time. Rain or shine, pregnant or not, and often pushing Aidan in a running stroller, Marathon Girl doesn't let anything stop her from running.

The few times I was able to run with her this summer, it seems like we always passed someone we knew who shouted to her "You're amazing!"

Now that we have two kids, running is a little more difficult. Of late Marathon Girl's waits until I come home after work before hitting the road. But depending on what happens during the day, running is not only possible. Sometimes she's exhausted from keeping up with the kids. Other days she's behind on things she wanted to get done and doesn't have time to run. If she could run in the middle of the day, it would be much more convenient.

To make this possible, we purchased a double-wide running stroller online.

Marathon Girl called this morning to say that the running stroller arrived. When I arrived home, the running stroller was fully assembled.

Tomorrow Marathon Girl goes for a run.

I'm wondering what her new nickname is going to be.