Random Thoughts from This Weekend

Sixty-eight degrees and partly cloudy is the perfect running weather. Unfortunately in July it's nearly impossible to find cool running weather. Saturday, Marathon Girl and I took the kids for a run at eight in the morning and it was already over eighty degrees.

There's nothing like breaking in a new pair of running shoes.

My big toe has been in pain every time I run for the last two months. When asked my Marathon Girl why I won't see a doctor about it, I tell her I'm worried the doctor telling me I have to take a break from running.

This month marks six years since I started running regularly. Considering the mileage I've put on over the years I should consider myself lucky that a painful big toe is the only injury I've suffered during that time. (Yes, I'm seeing a doctor about it later in the week.)

Marathon Girl is still the most impressive runner on the planet. She never lets anything stop her from running including a surprise pregnancy. Now I'm really glad we bought a minivan.

My favorite part of church is teaching Sunday school to 16- and 17-year olds. For the most part they pay more attention, ask more questions, and participate in the lesson more than the adult classes I occasionally teach.

I've finally worked out a schedule where I'm reading regularly again. In the last two weeks I've read Lost Light and Anansi Boys and I hightly ecommend both of them. Up next: The Closers, I Know This Much is True, Conquests and Cultures, and a biography.

Despite all that's going on in my life I'm still finding time to write books. Right now I'm splitting my time on a self-help book about dating a widower I'm co-authoring with another person and a work of fiction. My goal is to have them both completed by the end of the year.

It's nice to know there's one other person who didn't like Superman Returns. Maybe by next week I'll find another person who agrees with me that the movie was a major disappointment on so many levels.

The Detroit Tigers head into the All-Star break with 59 wins. That's quite impressive considering just a few years ago they struggled to win that many games in an entire season.