The Principles of Life

For those who listen regularly to my radio show and have emailed questions about the show, guests, and topics discussed fear not: my show will have it's own website up soon. For those who have wanted a copy of the principles of life, here they are as follows: The Principles of Life

  1. You are responsible for your own happiness
  2. You cannot control the thoughts or actions of others, but you must control your own
  3. You always have a choice, no one can force you to do anything without your permission
  4. How you react to life's events defines who you are
  5. Every challenge that you overcome makes you stronger
  6. When you are going through tough times, look at the big picture
  7. Life is a gift. Be a good steward and work better your own life and the lives of others

And for those who are new and want to listen, the show is broadcast from 11 a.m.-noon MST and can be heard on KSRR 1400 AM in Utah and outside of broadcast range you can stream the show online here.