Number Three and My Big Toe

Thanks for all the congrats for our little bundle of joy that should be arriving sometime in mid-December. We find out in two weeks if it's a boy or a girl. Marathon Girl is hoping for a girl because she's severely outnumbered at home. I really don't care what it is. I just want it to arrive healthy and on time.

We planned on having a third child but not this soon. The plan was to have Marathon Girl run a marathon or two this year and then try for number three. What's that saying about the best laid plans of mice and men? Does anyone really know the end of that quote? Anyway, Marathon Girl has retired any plans to run a marathon until next year though she's still running six days a week. Running wise I don't know what we're going to do once number three arrives since they don't manufacture triple-wide strollers.

(On a side note, I made a subtle hint that something was up back in April. Aside from Mr. Sensitive who knows I like to throw subtle hints into my blog just to see if anyone is paying attention, no one else wondered why I noticed that pregnancy tests were kept behind lock and key? When I posted it, I thought several of you might wonder. Maybe I should have mentioned how I went to the store on a Sunday night only to be dismayed that pregnancy tests were locked up and I was going to have to wait another 12 hours to purchase it! It's not easy to sleep at night when you don't know whether or not your wife is pregnant.)

Second, I saw the doctor yesterday about my toe. He was unable to find anything wrong with it. Maybe the X-rays will reveal something. I hope so. I really don't want to give up running -- at least for a long period of time. The good news is that aside from the toe I'm in great health.

Finally, I had a wonderful time with Aidan last night lifting weights. Occasionally he accompanies me to the basement and "helps" me with my weight routines. Most of his help involves him counting to ten (well trying to count to ten, anyway) while I lift. But last night I gave him a two pound dumbbell bar and showed him how to curl it with his arms. He thought it was cool that he was lifting weights like his dad and would do his best to count to ten while he curled the bar. What a fun kid. And to think I'll have three of them to play with by the end of the year. How exciting!