Book Update

I've started writing a second book. Actually, I've just started writing the outline for a second book. It took me a couple of frustrating tries at writing the first chapter before I realized the need to write a little about the characters and a chapter by chapter outline before I start to write it. The nice thing about writing the memoir was I already knew how it started, ended, and everything that happened in between. But in order to write good fiction, I need to plan it out a little more. If all goes well, I'm hoping to have the book completed by the end of the year. Marketing my memoir to agents and publishers is going forward a little at a time. I have a few agents that are reading the first few chapters and/or a proposal for the book. Writing the proposal for the book was challenging but fun. The six years of marketing experience I acquired at my last job has come in handy. I've put together a marketing plan on how to promote the book once it's published.

One thing I've noticed about artists and writers in general is that though many of them are quite talented, most of them don't know how to promote and sell their work. Somehow they think the art should and sell itself. Most of the successful artists/writers are not only good at their craft but also very good at selling and marketing their work to their target audience. Marketing is one thing I wish I would have learned in college. Knowing how to marketing my writing might have jump started my writing career by a couple years.


New episode of Lost tonight. I can already feel the pains of a two week new episode withdrawal subsiding.