Saturday Runs With Marathon Girl

I'm learning to love Saturdays again. Since Marathon Girl bought the running stroller, we've been able to run together on those days.

There's nothing I'd rather do with her.

Take this afternoon, for example. Blazing sun. Warm enough to wear a long sleeve t-shirt. We start running.

Usually we discuss how far we're going to run before we walk out the door.

Not today.

We just started running.

And it was one of those runs where you feel like running all day. Body feels good. Breathing well. Enough sun and blue sky you could almost forget it was February.

We decided to run a flexible loop that gives up the option to run three, four, or five miles.

We reached the three mile turnaround point. Marathon Girl looked at me. I could tell she wanted to continue.

"Keep running," I said.

Then the four mile turnaround point. I could tell Marathon Girl wanted to keep going. I nodded and we continued.

And as we ran those five miles I'd look over at Marathon Girl every so often and notice her perfect running form, her hair flailing behind her like corn silk, and a smile on her face.

Yeah, I love Saturdays.