Yes, I'll Comment on LOST

So what do I receive email about over the weekend? Someone asking for a pearl of wisdom? Thoughts on the amazing season the Detroit Tigers are having? Of course not. Instead everyone (all three of you) asked what I thought of the season finale of LOST. Fine, you want my thoughts? Here they are:

***Warning. May contain spoilers. If you don't want to know them, scroll down and read what I posted earlier today.***

First, I'm amazed that the writers of LOST can make me care about so many characters and have different storylines and plots going on and still be able to keep track of everything.

I'm trying to figure out why the Others call themselves "The Good Guys." Makes me wonder if there's another group on the island that we don't know about yet. Of course "Henry Gale" was the one that said they were the good guys and he was also the one who told Locke that he didn't push the button. (And we know what happens when the button doesn't get pushed.)

I'm glad the hatch was destroyed. I always thought the Island was the most interested character in the show. I'm glad they're moving the story back there. Maybe we'll be able to see more interesting creatures. (Any thoughts about the foot of a statue that only has four toes?)

I keep going back to the "snow globe" comment Desmond made. I wonder if it's an obvious bread crumb or something the writers are using to distract us from the real mystery behind the island.

I think Michael and Walt will come back soon and try to salvage his relationship with those he left behind.

Finally, is it just me or was it Libby that gave Desmond the boat? I'd really like an answer to that one.