Tag, I'm It

Nothing Good About Grief Tagged Me. Here goes nothing! I AM: A father, a husband, a writer

I WANT: To own the Detroit Tigers

I WISH: I had more time to write

I HATE: The Oakland Raiders, New York Yankees, and disco music (but not in that order)

I MISS: LOST. No new episodes until September! How will I survive the summer?

I FEAR: Rats. They really creep me out.

I HEAR: My coworkers chatting about The Da Vinci Code movie. They all seemed to like it.

I WONDER: What my life will be like if I hadn't made the decision to pull myself out of the deep dark hole I found myself in four years ago.

I REGRET: Nothing.

I AM NOT: A victim.

I DANCE: Me? Dance. Ha ha ha!

I SING: To Marathon Girl (but only if it's our song)

I CRY: When I think of Hope.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Able to save the world. (But that doesn't stop me from trying.)

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Stories and novels and (hopefully) entertainment for others.

I WRITE: Because that's what I was born to do

I CONFUSE: The names of my children. They're easy to tell apart but that doesn't stop me from mixing them up. I think they'll be scarred for life and need intense therapy when they're older.

I NEED: To sleep more. Really. I can't do six hours a night every night.

I SHOULD: Stop doing this and work on my second book.

I START: Running and I can't stop.

I FINISH: Reading books. No matter how bad they suck, once I start reading one, I have to finish it.

I tag Rick and Redlaw. Do better than me, guys. It shouldn't be hard.