Who's Your Tiger?

Mitch Albom has a great column yesterday on the Detroit Tigers. An excerpt:

Not too long ago, you — me, we — were all blissfully done with this habit. Not too long ago, April was just the month that came after March, as it was in the years before Detroit had a baseball franchise.

That's because over the last decade, for all intents and purposes, Detroit didn't have a baseball franchise. Oh, there were men in uniforms. Oh, they took the field and they came to bat and they sold hot dogs and people paid for parking.

But it wasn't much to watch. Some years the Tigers were bad, and some years they were really bad. Occasionally, they were truly awful.

And now?

Now they are good.

Now they are the defending American League champions.

Now they are the guys who did everything but win the World Series.

And here you are again, all revved up with someplace to go.

Too bad the Tigers lost their opening day game to Toronto 5-3. Still, this is a season to look forward to. And instead of hiding my face in shame, I'm quite proud to wear my baseball hats with the old English "D"

Go Tigers!