LOST: Left Behind

It’s been said that we’re no more than six “steps” away from each other – that we are all in some way connected to each other. This connectivity we all have brings about those small world moments when we meet someone and discover we have a common friend or acquaintance, went to the same school, or have some other connection to each other. One of the things I enjoy LOST is they way it shows how everyone’s lives on the island are in someway intertwined with each other. It’s not just the fact they shared an airplane that crashed on the island, but that many of their lives are connected in more personal ways. For example, Anna Lucia knew Jack’s father in Australia. Jack and Claire are (thought they don’t know it) are half-siblings.

This week we saw how in her past life Kate met up with Cassidy, a woman who was conned by Sawyer and is pregnant with his child. It was a sad connection. Both of these women felt betrayed by people they loved and Kate was determined to know why her mother turned her into the police.

In a heartbreaking but realistic scene Kate finally has a chance to talk with her mom wondering why she wasn’t glad her abusive husband was killed. "You can't help who you love, Katherine, and for good or bad I loved him," she tells Kate. Kate then tells her mom that she killed her stepfather for her (Kate’s mom). But her mom replies that Kate did it for herself.

Cassidy feels the same way about Sawyer as Kate mom feels for her deceased husband. Even though he conned her out of her life savings, Cassidy was still loves him and still hopes he’ll come back to her which is why she has yet to call the police.

I don’t think the writers are making these connections haphazardly. I think at the end of the show a lot of the characters are going to realize the connections they share and that many of them were brought to the island for a specific purpose. (This is something I actually think Locke understands better than any of the characters on the island.)


I love it when the black cloud (a.k.a. the security system, smokey) is on the show. And after yesterday’s episode there’s an interesting theory over on LostEasterEggs about the black cloud that pops up occasionally.

…as Smokey approaches the fence, there are three large “heads” that are very noticeable. Could the it be confirmation that Smokey is indeed the “Cerberus” mentioned on the Blast Door Map? It is possible that Smokey is comprised of three separate entities that are capable of joining together, or working independently?

To see an image of the three heads, click here.