Wheelbarrow Ride

Certain yard improvement projects Marathon Girl and I are trying to accomplish this year have required the purchase of a wheelbarrow. It’s big, green and is great for hauling dirt from one side of the yard to the other. But after purchasing this particular wheelbarrow Saturday, we quickly learned that we didn’t buy an ordinary wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow has special uses discernable only to young boys like Aidan and Steven.

Like wheelbarrow rides.

I’m sure the boys are wondering why Dad purchased something with a wheel if not for the sole purpose to give them rides. Things with wheels mean rides and nothing is more fun than a wheelbarrow ride around the block.

Who cares if it’s dusty and dirty? That just makes the ride through the subdivision more fun. What’s the point in riding in a clean wheelbarrow? The dirtier the wheelbarrow is the better because that means a big bubble bath after the ride.

So as I wheel them around the neighborhood after a couple of hours of yard work, the boys have big smiles on their faces. Other kids may have bikes or motorized scooters but none of them have a wheelbarrow to ride in.

After all, that’s what wheelbarrows are for.