LOST: The Man from Tallahassee

*** Spoiler Alert *** Did I not predict last week that Locke was going to blow up the submarine with that C-4? Yes, I did. You can read it here.

I’m glad Locke is playing the role of the central character. Everything that happens seems to be a reaction to decisions he makes. His character is the most complex and interesting of all the characters still alive. It sad that he keeps running back to his father every time he shows up in that life but the most recent flashback does help explain why he’s trying to sabotage anyone’s chance of leaving the island. For fans of Locke’s character The L.A. Times has a wonderfully detailed article about Locke and the actor who plays him, Terry O’Quinn. (Free registration is required to read the article.)

Anyone have thoughts on how Locke’s dad ended up on the island? I didn’t see that one coming.

The more face time Ben gets, the more his character intrigues me. His ability to manipulate people to do what he wants is fascinating. No wonder he’s in charge of the Others; he has some natural leadership qualities. Is it too much to ask the writers for a flashback on him in a forthcoming episode? How about one that will help detail some of the island’s secrets?

Most interesting thing about Ben’s apartment was that his refrigerator was stocked with he same Dharma Initiative brand food. Apparently the Others are just dependant on Dharma food for their survival. Will the destroyed communication station mean no more food drops for everyone?

I don’t think this is much of a stretch given some recent story revelations but I bet Charlie is the one who ends up dead next week. Based on the previews for next week’s episode, I’m willing to bet Sun figures out that Charlie was involved in her kidnapping attempt last season and is somehow responsible for his demise.

Finally, the guy pushing Ben in the wheelchair is Dr. Alpert, the same man who initially tried to convince Juliet to join Mittelos Bioscience in a previsous episode this season. (Tip: Lost Easter Eggs)