Those New Voting Machines

Aidan accompanied me to vote in Utah's primary election yesterday. He seemed to enjoy it but his favorite part was receiving an "I VOTED" sticker from one of the poll workers. All the way home he said "I voted" (but it sounded like 'I Boated') over and over again. When we got home he was so proud that he voted, he took off his voting sticker to give it to Steven but instead of putting it on his clothes, he stuck it in Steven's hair. (Steven didn't seem to mind until I tried to remove it.) The most interesting part of voting for me was trying those touch screen voting machines. They were as easy as pie to use and I didn't have a problem using them. I've heard a lot about them as far as security concerns but, at least with the machines at my polling location, I didn't see a problem with them. They log a paper receipt of every vote cast and I'm hard pressed to see how anyone could fix them anymore than they could game a traditional punch card or paper ballot.

It's hump day. Life is good.