Summer Solstice

Marathon Girl and I took a walk with our kids last night through our neighborhood. It seemed as if everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine. Families were barbequing or playing in their yard. Teenagers rode their skateboards or scooters down the street. Younger children were playing in sprinklers. Everyone, it seemed, waved or stopped and chatted with us for a minute. After the walk we sat on the porch and drank tall glasses of ice-cold lemonade and talked while Aidan and Steven played and communicated in their own little language. I love long, summer days like this. I love the heat and the sun and sitting on the porch with Marathon Girl talking about everything and anything -- whatever happens to come into our minds. I love being with my family, chatting with neighbors and listening to the delightful cries of kids and adults in the park across the street.

I wish every day could be like this: warm with a cloudless blue sky, us sitting the porch sipping lemonade, and a sun that doesn't set until 10 p.m.