Room for Two Book Cover and Back Cover Excerpt

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On a November afternoon, Abel's world comes to an end.

As he steps through the door of his home, he hears a gunshot echo from the bedroom. His fears are realized when he finds his pregnant wife dead, a victim of suicide. Their premature baby is rushed to the hospital. She dies nine days later.

A true story, Room for Two follows Abel as he deals with the grief, anger and guilt that accompany his wife's death. As he struggles with the thought that he is to blame for Krista's depression and subsequent suicide -- and the death of their only child -- Abel comes to realize that if he wants to move on, he must forgive Krista, as well as himself.

With time and the help of a wonderful woman, Julianna, Abel begins to understand that if he can let go of the past he can have another chance at happiness. As their relationship progresses, he also learns that every life has trials and tribulations -- none are exempt. It is when a person rises to their challenges that they conquer and find peace.

A touching account of one man's struggle for happiness, Room for Two is a story that readers will never forget.

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