Fake Book Cover


Those who are on my mailing list know I’ve expressed concern that my book cover would look like some sort of silly romance novel – you know, one that I’d be embarrassed to be seen reading, selling, or giving out for friends and family.

Well the good news is that I just approved the final cover of the book from the publisher. I really like it and I’m proud to say that it’s a cover that I’m not ashamed of. All things considered, I think Cedar Fort did an excellent job and captured the mood and message of Room for Two very well.

I showed the real cover to my graphic designer friend Trevor yesterday. He said the publishers didn’t get the actual message of my book and whipped up the cover at the top of this post.

I think he did a great job recreating my reoccurring nightmare.

I did have some fun with the fake cover around the office, however. I proudly showed several co-workers the amazing cover for my book and had to hold back the laughs as they struggled to complement it.

I’ll be posting the real cover in the next few days and unveiling some new places on my website. Be patient and stay tuned.

Update: I forgot to mention that I thought Trevor did a great job of capturing my muscular body though my hair's brown, not black.