Random Thoughts January 2007

There’s something about a crowded parking lot three days before Christmas that brings out the worst in people. Nothing’s better than seeing the excited faces of your kids on Christmas morning.

Car dealerships have the worst waiting areas. They could improve them by adding a television, wireless internet access, and a toy area for the kids. It actually might make going there a more pleasant experience.

Full screen movies bother me so I never rent or buy them. But for some reason the local video rental store has the need to stock 75 percent of its new releases in the full screen format. If I wanted to watch a full screen movie, I’d turn on the TV. I really need to sign up for Netfilx.

My website receives around 20 hits a day from people who Google my name. Thought I never wonder why someone in South Carolina, Tennessee or England would be Googling me, when someone from my hometown does it, I start to wonder who’s checking up on me.

It’s nice to see that the producers of LOST are discussing how long to keep the show going. Knowing when the show will end will give the writers a time frame when to tie up loose ends and answer all the questions we’ve been anxiously waiting for. There’s nothing worse than seeing a good show that doesn’t know when to end it (read: The X-Files).

Running when the temperature is just above zero is not a pleasant experience. You never really warm up.

Marathon Girl looks sexy in her Under Armour running clothes.

The NFL playoffs are always fun to watch because the teams know each game is all or nothing. Too bad college football hasn’t adapted a similar format.

When Marathon Girl and I take our kids to the doctor, they give us questionnaire to fill out. It seems like half the questions are about the health of your child and the other half are to determine whether or not you’re a good parent.

There’s nothing like cuddling up with the person you love and watching a good movie.