Phone Call

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I'm in the midst of preparing for my radio show when the cell phone rings. Caller ID shows it's Marathon Girl. Marathon Girl rarely calls while I'm preparing for my show unless it's important. I answer the phone hoping that everything is okay.

"What's up sweetie?" I say.


"Marathon Girl?"

I listen for sounds that Marathon Girl's in the car or other signs that she accidentally dialed my number. I hear nothing.

"Is everything okay?" My heart rate increases. What if something's seriously wrong with her or one of the kids?

Then I hear the soft sound of breathing on the other end of the phone.


"Hi, Dad," Aidan says. "Can I watch Cars?"

I let out a sigh of relief. Aidan's dialed my number. This is the first time he's ever called my phone. I wonder how many other people he' called before reaching me.

"No, Aidan. You can't watch Cars. You've already seen Cars once this week. Play with your toys."

"Can I watch Cars?" Aidan asks again.

"No," I say. "Play with Steven."

"Steven's playing with trucks," Aidan says.

"Where's mom?" I ask.

"Molly's sleeping"

"I need to talk to Mom, not Molly."

"Molly's sleeping."

We go back and forth like this for another minute. Finally I have to hang up because I need to head to the radio studio and go on the air.

"I have to go Aidan," I say.

"Bye, Dad," Aidan says in a chirpy voice.

I head to the studio with a smile on my face. The kid has just made my day. On the way over my cell phone rings again. It's Aidan calling back. Wanting to talk to Daddy. My smile gets bigger as the show goes on the air.

What a great kid.