LOST: Greatest Hits


I’m actually going to miss Charlie when he dies next week.

Even though I’ve never liked his character much (he’s always been kind of a whiner), it was nice for the writers to give him an endearing set of flashbacks that depicted the good moments in his life that showed that even if I don’t miss him, there will be some people who do.

And since the show’s producers have indicated five people will die in the season finale next week, here’s my list off possible causalities:

1. Charlie (duh) 2. Locke (I think we’ll get confirmation that he’s actually dead.) 3. Bernard (He hasn’t been used much all season and I think his story line is just about over.) 4. Rose (see above) 5. Ben (why not)

And did anyone really think The Looking Glass Station was uninhabited? I didn’t either.