Aidan 3

Aidan turned three today. And three-year-old boys are so easy to please.

Aidan’s been pining for a bike since the snow melted and he’s observed kids riding around the park and through the neighborhood on them. He's wanted one so bad that every time we went to a store that sells bikes, he heads straight to the bike section and start climbing on them.

So when he saw a new bike sitting in the living room this afternoon, he went nuts. He spent the next hour learning how to pedal it. He hasn’t mastered the concept of pedaling completely but he made great progress today. Despite the fact he can’t pedal that well, he stuck with it until he was exhausted.

When I tucked him in bed, he asked if I’d help him learn how to ride the bike tomorrow. I told him I would.

What a great kid. He’s been such a joy and a blessing in our life.  

I just can’t believe it’s been three years since he was born. The next thing you know, he'll be asking me to borrow the keys to my car.

Love you, kid!