Holy War

The Holy War is tomorrow and most people around the office are bleeding red or blue. That leaves people like me (who bleed purple), in sticky middle ground.

I attended one of these games a few years back with Eugene. Someone gave me some free tickets or something and since Eugene is always up for a good football game I took him. I don't think either side was playing for much that year. I think they were both going through mediocre seasons and had little or no chance for a bowl game.

What I do remember (aside from the fact is was freezing cold and I left the game feeling numb) was the zealot-like intensity of fans on both sides. Eugene and I were sitting in a section that had a good mix of both fans, I seriously thought a war was going to break out in the stands. I've been to my fair share of sporting events in my day, but never seen fans hate each other as much as I did that Saturday.

I'm all for a spirited rivalry. I love to hate the Raiders, for example, but I don't claim some sort of moral superiority to Raider fans when the Broncos win. In this war, both sides seem to think that their side gets a year of moral authority.

Personally I'll be glad when things return to normal in the office. After Saturday, the college football season will be over and we can start thinking about something much more important.