A confession if you will. I have an addiction.

A big one.

Right now I can feel it gnawing at me, distracting me for the work piled up on my desk.

It's been seven days since I've fed my addiction. And if I don't get a fix soon, all hell might break loose.

I'm telling myself to be patient. Tonight I'll have my fix and all will be well for a while.

Just ten hours. That's all. Ten hours.

So you know, it wasn't my intention to become addicted. But some friends kept telling me to try it. You're missing out, they said. Great plot. Excellent writing. Complicated characters. What more can you want?

So I tried it this summer. Started watching reruns.

And one episode was all it took to hook me.

And now I can't get enough of it. Lost is by far the best television show I've ever seen.

Granted, I don't watch much TV. Aside from an occasional weekend football game, Lost is the only TV I watch. I'm too busy working, writing, and playing with Aidan and Steven to have much time for anything else.

But the writers of this show.... Wow. Impressive how they can pull of a show with anywhere from 12 to 15 complicated but believable characters. (Including the island which is the most intriguing character of them all.) And the plot is incredible. The writers know how to reveal just enough information to have you wanting more.

This weekend while I was sick, I went back and watched a few episodes from the first season. (I own first season on DVD.) It's amazing how many clues about the characters and upcoming events are revealed through their words and actions that you don't catch unless you watch the episode knowing what's going to happen several episodes in advance.

Kudos to those are in charge of the show. Like a drug dealer, they do a giving me just enough to come back for more.

So tonight don't call. Don't knock on the door or expect me to check my email.

I'll be in the family room feeding my weekly addiction.