Broken Fibula

Fibula X-ray 

About 10 days ago Marathon Girl paid a visit to a very good sports medicine doctor– one that she’s seen since high school – to see why her leg was hurting so much when she ran.

The verdict wasn’t great: She has a stress fracture in her fibula.

The good news was that the injury was healing and should be completely healed before the end of June. The doctor also said she could run the dam marathon without risking further iinjury to her fibula but she'd probably have to run it very slow and with a lot of pain.

Needless to say Marathon Girl was heartbroken at the prospect of not running a marathon fast. She’s been training very hard since Molly was born and was really looking forward to competing again. She loves running so much and it’s hard for her when she can’t do it.

Since the diagnosis, Marathon Girl has been doing her best to stay in shape without running. She’s been swimming like a madwoman at the local pool. (The swimming has had some nice side benifits -- for me anyway. It’s added some very nice tone and definition to her arms and shoulders that I find very sexy.)

Her leg is feeling tons better since she hasn’t been running on it. Should all go well, she’s going to train for the Deseret News Marathon on July 24. This should still give her plenty of time enough time to adequately train for the St. George Marathon in October.

Despite her inability to run the marathon this weekend, we're still heading to Idaho for a much wanted and needed vacation. The dam marathon, however, won’t be part of it.

Note: The above image is not an x-ray of Marathon Girl's fibual. Marathon Girl's fibulas are much sexier.