Breaking the Rides

I think Aidan was under the impression that the carnival in the park across the street would stay forever. He and Steven had a great time Friday night riding the rides and looking at all the people and lights. They didn’t want to go home. After church yesterday I found Aidan staring out his bedroom window with a long look on his face as he watched the carnies dismantle the rides.

Aidan: Why are they breaking it?

Me: There taking them down so boys in other towns can ride them.

Aidan (voice full of hope): Maybe they’re making it bigger!

Me: No, they’re packing them up. They’ll be back next year.

Aidan: Next year?

Me: Yeah, next summer. They’ll come back and we can ride on them again.

Aidan: Why can’t they stay for this summer?

Me (quoting from Madeline and the Gypsies – one of Aidan’s favorite books): Gypsies do not like to stay. They only come to go away.

Aidan: But they’re coming back, right?

Me: Yes. Next year.

Aidan (smiles): Okay. Let’s go read books Daddy!

[Aidan takes my hand and walks me to the bookshelves where we spend the next 30 minutes reading.]