Audi Green Police Ad Imitates My Upcoming Novel "The Third"

The most disturbing of all the Super Bowl ads that aired yesterday was The Audi "Green Police" ad. (If you haven't seen it, you can watch it below.) It shows people being arrested for environmental crimes like asking for plastic bags at the grocery store or using incandescent light bulbs. "Green" police are shown going through trash and testing the temperatures of a hot tub all because what they're doing is "bad for the environment."

Audi claims its fictional green police are "caricatures of today's 'green movement.'" But even they admit their Green Police idea isn't too far fetched.

Coincidentally, there are numerous real Green Police units globally that are furthering green practices and environmental issues. For example, Israel's main arm of the Ministry of Environmental in the area of enforcement and deterrence is called; you guessed it, the Green Police.

New York has officers within the state's Department of Environmental Conservation that are fondly called the "Green Police." The Green Police is also the popular name for Vietnam's Environmental Police Department and the UK (United Kingdom) has a group who dresses in green as part of the Environment Agency's squad to monitor excessive CO2 emissions.

I'm telling you now, my forthcoming novel The Third (Valor Publishing Group, May 2010) isn't too far fetched.

Audi Green Police ad below.