LOST: What Kate Does

Lost: What Kate Does

I'm starting to wonder if the Island needs some kind of crazy woman who lost her baby running around to make it feel complete.

When the show first started we had Rousseau who had been running around for several years after Ben took her baby. She set traps, shot people who got in her way, and went nuts. Now that Claire’s back, it appears she’s shooting people and setting traps. It remains to be seen if she’s crazy too.

Of course the entire show is a bit crazy and I hope the writers have a good explanation as to what Claire’s been doing for the last three years. So far they haven’t disappointed me in their explanations of what’s going on with the Island but there’s a first time for everything.

And wasn’t it a bit creepy to see Ethan as the doctor? I had to laugh when he told Claire that he didn’t want to stick any needles in her since in the alternate reality, that’s exactly what he does.

I’m still not sure how they’re going to tie in the “flash sideways” scenes where the plane doesn’t crash into the 2007 storyline. It’s fun to watch the alternate realities but I’m scratching my head as to where they’re going. Most of the characters seem to have some recollection of each other or a different life (Jack talking to Locke, Claire knowing the name of her baby is Aaron) but it seems hazy.

I just hope the characters from the flash sideways 2004 storyline don’t end up on the island in 2007. Not only would that be confusing, it would be really lame.