Utah's Gary Coleman Obsession II

Gary Coleman in Utah

The Utah media's morbid fixation with with Gary Colman continues.

This guy sneezes and the local media runs 2 minute news clips and front page stories about the guy. Maybe if they stop giving him attention, he'll move to another celebrity-deprived state like Iowa and start torturing the people there with his antics.

Video deposition of Gary Coleman will not be released by Janice Peterson - Daily Herald

A judge ruled Tuesday that the videotaped deposition of Gary Coleman will not be released to the public until a personal injury lawsuit against him has been settled.

Coleman's attorney, Terry Plant, argued that if the video is released, it could quickly get onto Web sites like YouTube and destroy Coleman. Judge Samuel McVey agreed that releasing the video could be harmful, but he said he worried about the likelihood of a fair trial if people in the jury pool see the deposition.

"I do not want to come in here and have the whole jury challenged off," he said.

The attorney for plaintiff Colt Rushton, Dustin Lance, objected to keeping the deposition sealed, saying the likelihood of a fair trial is the same whether the video is released or not. Many people around the county already know all about the case from media reports, and Coleman is just asking for special privileges, he said.

"We've got an uphill battle," Lance said. "This case has already been tried in the media."

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