LOST: 316

Lost: 316 -- The Lamp-Post

Kudos to the writers for providing the audience with lots of concrete answers to questions that have been hanging around the show for years. Eloise Hawking’s did a great job of explaining about the electromagnetic energy, the island time shifting, and how the island could be found from the Lamp-Post. It’s nice to know the Dharma Initiative (and the U.S. Government, apparently) didn’t happen upon the island by chance.

And speaking of the Dharma Initiative, wasn’t it great to see Jin driving those blue Dharma van? I take back what I said a few weeks ago about Jin being alive. What a perfect way for Kate, Jack, and Hurley to be greeted on their return to the island.

One thing I hadn’t thought about when Locke “fixed” the wheel inside the island was that what time he jumped everyone to when he did it. Now it looks like we’re back to the 1970s in the heyday of the Dharma Initiative. And I thought we had learned everything we could about those mysterious Dharma guys. I’m so glad I’m wrong. There’s no better way to learn about them then to have Jack, Kate, and the rest of the crew become part of it.

And I loved the way everyone – even Charlie – ended up on the plane. When the Island wants you, I guess fate finds a way of bringing everyone together. Do you hear that Desmond? Even though you’re “done with the island” I bet you end up crashing again on its shores with Penny and your kid. Sayid, Hurley, and Lapidus ended up on Ajira Airlines flight 316 even though going to the Island was the last thing they were trying to do. I bet we see you on the Island again before the season is over.