Worth Reading VIII

Articles I'd love to comment on if I had the time. All are worth reading. The Courage of Detroit by Mitch Albom (SI.com) This was Christmas night. In the basement of a church off an icy street in downtown Detroit, four dozen homeless men and women sat at tables. The smell of cooked ham wafted from the kitchen. The pastor, Henry Covington, a man the size of two middle linebackers, exhorted the people with a familiar chant.

All Bets Are Off: How Rick “The Free Capitalist” Koerber’s Real-Estate Scheme Helped Wreck Utah’s Economy by Eric Peterson (Salt Lake City Weekly) Critics say Rick Koerber has done his share to contribute to the state’s economic meltdown: home prices sinking into a seemingly bottomless pit, a frozen-stiff credit market and growing unemployment.

Obama's Early Stumbles by Camille Paglia (Salon.com) Readers ask, Camille dishes: On Democratic woes, the Weather Underground, Kanye West, Freud, alleged gay genes and "the long sleep."