Jazz 111 Pacers 89

There’s watching basketball and then there’s watching basketball.Last night I was able to watch the Utah Jazz destroy the Indiana Pacers 111-89 with the best basketball seats I’ve ever had -- just a few rows behind the Pacers bench.  (Thanks for the tickets, Robert!) Watching professional basketball is a completely different experience when you’re that close to the action. You can see the player’s expressions and hear them yelling at each other and the refs.And even though the Jazz put the game away in the first quarter, the highlight was listening to Pacer’s coach Jim O’Brien chew out his players for playing so poorly. I think his exact quote when I took the following photograph was, “[Carlos] Boozer’s running down the court and kicking your a**!”

And no, I didn't have to zoom in for that photo. That's how close I was sitting to the Pacers' bench.

I’ll never settle for upper bowl tickets again.