While I Have a Quick Moment....

There’s wireless Internet access in the hospital. Cool! Quick thoughts on the fall finale of LOST:

*** Spoiler Warning ***

  • Unlike some, I found the final episode to be rather suspenseful. The suspense wasn’t meant to be from whether Ben dies or not (no one cares about him – yet) but how much The Others value his life. Remember that Juliet told him in that video taped message that some people were ready for a change. Jack assumes that The Others still want Ben as their leader. We really don’t know if they do. They may call Jack bluff and let Ben die. Then Jack’s no better off than he was before.
  • Really enjoyed Kate’s flashback. Ties up that one loose end from the first season where Kate and Sawyer (I think it was him – maybe it was Jack) were having a drinking contest in the jungle and she mentioned that she had been married but that “it didn’t last long.”
  • Don’t be surprised if Sawyer is shot (but not necessarily killed). If that guard wants to avenge his wife’s death, I wouldn’t put it past him. Like I pointed out last week, the cast is deep enough and there’s enough going on that one character doesn’t carry the show. I wouldn’t surprise me if Sawyer is killed.
  • Another illustration great interrogation technique: Jack wasn’t let out of his cell on accident. Ben wanted Jack to see Sawyer and Kate together. (Ben got what he wanted from it, didn’t he?)
  • My prediction on what will happen when the series resumes in February: Ben and Sawyer will both survive but while Ben recovers from surgery there will be a little coup as to who becomes the leader of The Others. I see some of The Others wanting out of whatever group they’re part of and helping Jack, Kate, and Sawyer escape. We’ll get an answer to that big black monster thing via Locke and Desmond and more of an idea of who The Others really are and what they’re really doing on the island.

And for those who complain about having to wait until February to see a new episode and can’t find anything better to do with their time on Wednesday nights, watch some past episodes from season two and pay special attention to the conversations with Ben while was a prisoner. There are some subtle clues that give some insight into what is really going now that were a third of the way through season three.