What would I do with $150 Million?

Salt Lake County has a $150 million dollar tax surplus. County government officials are flush with excitement as the determine how to spend the money.

I have an idea.

How about a tax cut?

Of course 'tax cut' is the dirty six-letter word in Utah politics. Addicted to money like a smokers to nicotine, Utah politicians love to spend, spend, spend.

It works like this.

You take all of your hard earned money, put it in a basket and the politicians here will take whatever they want. Never mind that it's your money. Never mind that coffers at both the state and local level are overflowing with surplus money. Politicians here view it as their money -- not yours. Money that they need to use to keep their political cronies happy. That's why Utah has the ninth highest tax burden in the nation.

A tax cut in Utah?

It will never happen.