What I do when I'm alone

Marathon Girl and Aidan left last night for Idaho and the wedding. The evening passed quickly. I worked on my book for two hours and finished another chapter. It's coming along better than I ever thought. It seems like the more time passes between me and the events of three plus years ago the better perspective I have on things and the easier it is to write about them.

Marathon Girl called a little after ten thirty to let me know they had arrived safely. At that point I put the laptop away and went to bed.

I spent my first night alone in almost two years. I fell asleep just fine but woke up shortly after five in the morning and found that I couldn't go back to sleep without someone to cuddle next to.

So I lay in bed and thought about the relay race that begins this afternoon and the different legs I'd be running and tried to estimate the time I'd be running them. One late this afternoon, one around midnight, and one early Saturday morning. Then I got up and made sure I had everything packed for the race and the drive to Idaho Saturday night.

After the list was checked off, I did some dumbbell exercises for 30 minutes. Not sure that was the best thing to do considering I'll be running 15 miles in the next 24 hours but it helped pass the time which is what I was trying to do.

Around seven I kept listening for the sounds of Aidan waking up. It took me a minute to remember that he wasn't here.

Breakfast wasn't the same without him sitting in his high chair smiling at me.