Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Exercise is often two steps forward and one step back. Since February I’ve been working my tail off to bench my own weight. I’ve made great progress. Last Friday I maxed out at 190 pounds (that’s approximately 86 kilos for all those who prefer the metric system). It was a personal best and only five pounds away from my weight when I started the whole weightlifting program. Needless to say I was ecstatic about the accomplishment.

My elation was short lived, however, once reality set in.

When I started this aggressive weight lifting program I weighted 195 lbs. Since then I’ve added 15 lbs. of muscle to my body and top the scales at 210 lbs. (I should add that Marathon Girl is very happy with my added mass.) After maxing out at 190, I initially thought I was just five pounds away from reaching my goal. Then I realized I was 20 lbs. away from it.


If I end up in hell, I can see my punishment being trying to bench my weight. Every time I get close, it will turn out that I’ve added on a couple extra pounds of muscle to my body and have to try again. This will, of course, go on for all eternity.

The good news is that while I’m alive on Earth, when I finally do manage to bench my weight, I’m going to be benching an amount I never thought would have thought possible.