Two kids are harder than one

Having two kids to care for is quite a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. With just Aidan, we could double team him as needed and keep him entertained better. Now with Steven, I'm learning that man-to-man coverage and it's a little more difficult.Aidan is taking advantage of the fact that we can't keep as close an eye on him as usual and doing typical Aidan things when we aren't looking like turning on the dishwasher or climbing on the table. We're adjusting to the change and hopefully will improve as the days pass.

Aidan was a little jealous when we first brought Steven home but now is quite content to have a little brother. Today, for example was the first time Aidan could hold him (with a little help, of course) without trying to poke or otherwise "play" with him. When we tried to pick up Steven to feed him, Aidan became upset that he couldn't hold him anymore. Maybe this means they'll become good friends when they're a little older.


For those who were looking for Bulgarian Memories, Part V, it's on its way. Just need some time to catch up with things here.