It was obvious who was the most excited about Halloween at our house. Me.

It wasn't even a contest.

Sure, Aidan was happy to be wearing a fireman costume though I don't think he understood why he was wearing it. Personally I think he just liked wearing the soft felt fireman hat.

But me? I've wanted to take Aidan trick-or-treating since he was born.

A few ghosts and goblins had come to the door while I was taking pictures of Aidan in his costume. Aidan wanted some of the candy that was being passed out but I told him he'd have plenty in just a few minutes.

So after a few pictures, Aidan and I walked into the darkness. (In the Halloween spirit, I did dress up. I put on my Detroit Tiger baseball cap I as walked out the door. I called my costume The Biggest Loser.)

Aidan seemed impressed that there were kids all over the neighborhood running around dressed up. He kept looking at them with big eyes each time a group of them would pass up.

We stopped at the first house. A nice lady answered the door. I told Aidan to say "Trick or Treat." Aidan started at the woman blankly. She told Aidan he had a cute costume and gave him a piece of candy. "Say 'Thank you,'" I told Aidan. Aidan waved goodbye to the lady who, in turn, waved back.

By the fourth house, Aidan had the hang of it. He'd stare blankly at who ever opened the door but had learned to take the piece of candy and put it in his bag then wave goodbye as we walked down the sidewalk. When we reached the next house, Aidan perked up when I knocked on the door and smiled at the prospect of more candy.

It took us 30 minutes to comb the neighborhood -- about fifteen homes -- because Aidan wanted to walk from house to house. When we returned home, Aidan had enough candy in his bag that he had a hard time lifting it off the sidewalk. (All of our wonderful neighbors it seems wanted to add an extra piece of candy for me. Apparently the Detroit Tiger had garnered a lot of sympathy.) I offered to help him carry it home but Aidan was insistent that he and he alone carry it.

Back at home we gave Aidan a couple of pieces of candy. He seemed fairly pleased with the whole evening.

I was too.

I love being a dad.