The Real Reason I Run

I've been running regularly for five years. During this time I've discovered I need motivation to run or it becomes monotonous.

When I first started running, my motivation was to lose weight. When Marathon Girl came into my life, my goal every morning was to run faster than her. (A goal I have of yet to obtain.)

Now that she's pregnant, we don't run together as often or as fast as we have in the past. So on the mornings I run alone, I've had to come up with another reason to lace up the running shoes several times a week.

This summer I've found one.

Golf balls.

Let me explain.

Two miles of my four mile run takes me by several holes of the local golf course. Most summer mornings the course is quite busy with golfers trying to squeeze in some rounds before work or retirees enjoying their free time.

The way the course was designed there are several holes that often send stray balls out onto the running trail or into the street. Because of this most mornings there's at least one dew covered golf ball lying in the grass next to the running trail. Sometimes two.

Each morning I've been picking up these stray balls as I run and taking them home with me.

I'm not sure why.

I don't golf or ever had the desire to play even one hole.

But last month alone I must have brought home close to 30 golf balls.

One shelf of my garage contains several quart jars full of Titleist, Callaway, and Nike balls.

Forget timing my runs or trying a new running course. Morning runs have become a quest to see how many balls I can find or perhaps discover a brand of ball that I don't have.

Thankfully Marathon Girl should be running in a couple months and my motivation can be keeping up with her as she trains for several marathons.

Her timing couldn't be better.

I'm running out of jars to put golf balls in.