The New Job

I've been on the new job a week now. (Kudos to those who picked up on the subtle announcement in my last post of 2005.) I'm enjoying the new job and responsibilities immensely. Though I still don't know everyone in the office, everyone I've met has been friendly and very helpful.

Most people assume that when you take a new job, it's because you were in some way unhappy with the old one. That wasn't the case with me. I liked the job I left. I enjoyed my responsibilities and had great coworkers. The company was growing rapidly, provided good benefits, and treated their employees relatively well. I made enough money to provide for our family and allow Marathon Girl to stay home with the kids. Many I have talked to have a hard time understanding why I'd want to leave an ideal job and work environment and try a different one.

Two reasons.

Over the last few months I came to the realization that there was little left for me to learn at my old job. I had been with the company nearly six years and had learned just about everything I could at my current position. With the new job I saw an opportunity to further develop my current skills and learn new ones.

Second, I came to the conclusion that the new job would allow me to help and influence more people. I was presented with a unique opportunity to use my skills in a way that I believe will be a force for good in the world.

After a week on the new job, both of these have turned out to be true.

I'm already looking forward to next week.

(Anyone wondering exactly what I'm doing, be patient. I'll have more on my new job later.)