The Dark Art of Interrogation

Since the Tigers Yankees game was rained out yesterday, there’s nothing to write about except the season premier of LOST. Thoughts on the episode:

*** Warning Spoilers Aplenty ***

  • What a great opening scene/flashback to start the episode. We see Juliet at a book club and think they’re living some normal life until there’s an earthquake. As the people go outside they look up in the sky to see Oceanic flight 815 breaking apart and hurling toward the island. Just raises more questions about who the Others really are and why they view the passengers of the airplane as a threat.
  • I’m wondering how much information Juliet and the Others really know about Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc. Was their information gleaned form reconnaissance missions from Ethan and who were sent to gather intelligence or do they really have a connection to the outside world? For some reason I doubt they know everything about Jack. One of the basic interrogation techniques is to make the person your interrogating think you know more than you do. If person you’re interrogating thinks you know everything, they’re less likely to hold back from the information you need. Remember Jack told Juliet and he went to Sydney and his dad was dead before she came in with the “autopsy report.” Juliet could have just had a blank stack of papers at her fingertips. Info about Jack’s wife could have been picked up in their reconnaissance efforts from Ethan or other secret monitoring devices we’re unaware of. Juliet only said they knew everything but she really didn’t say what it was she knew other than basic facts about Jack that could have been known by anyone spending some time with him. (If you want to see what I’m getting at, read this fabulous report that appeared in The Atlantic a few years back titled The Dark Art of Interrogation.)
  • Are we ever going to find out why there is/was polar bears on the island? Apparently they’re smarter than Sawyer. At some point there better be a good payoff about the bears because the writers keep dropping hints (subtle and not so subtle) about them.
  • I think the kid who picked the lock of his cage then freed Sawyer was an Other who was just part of whatever experiments they’re doing on Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. 
  • I can’t figure out if Henry Gale (real name is Ben, apparently) is just plain evil, some sort of genius, or both.

Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to a new episode next week.