The D is for Loser

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to a sports radio station when it was announced that the Detroit Tigers fired manager Alan Trammell. The comments from the sport radio hosts went something like this.

Host #1: Now that Detroit needs a new manager, do you think someone like Lou Piniella will take the job.

Host #2: I don't think anyone's that desperate for a job.

Host #1: Come one, what's there not to love about the Tigers. They've been tearing it up for years now.

Host #2: You've got a point. They could give any AAA level team a run for their money.

I'm starting to think Detroit should replace the fancy D on their caps and replace it with a big L.


(For those who were looking forward to Part III of Bulgarian Memories, it will be posted tomorrow. I had to vent while I had a minute.)