Marathon Girl wanted to run eight miles yesterday. It's been over a year since I've run that far. Since I added weight lifting to part of my exercise routine, the longest run I've accomplished is five miles. I'm in good enough shape that I knew eight miles wouldn't be a problem though I would probably lag behind Marathon Girl for the last half the run. We decided to do run two four-mile loops. The first one would take us out to the highway and back. The second loop would cut through our neighborhood then head out to the far reaches of the small town we live in.

I agreed to the eight miles because I miss running with Marathon Girl every day. Since the kids have come running together every morning simply isn't possible. So when the opportunity presents itself as it does most Saturdays, I'll run with Marathon Girl as far as she wants.

The second thing I agreed to -- though I had a hard time with this -- was that Marathon Girl would push the double-wide running stroller the entire distance. When we run together, we take turns pushing the stroller every other mile. It's hard work pushing the stroller when you run. It takes more energy and slows the one pushing the stroller about 30 seconds per mile.

My husbandly instincts tell me that I should be the one pushing the stroller the entire distance even though Marathon Girl is a much faster, stronger runner and quite capable of pushing the stroller the rest of the week without a problem. Marathon Girl did remind me that we were going eight miles and that if I wanted to run the entire distance, it would probably be best if I didn't push the stroller.

It was a good day to run. Temperatures were in the 60s. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Both Aidan and Steven seem excited at the opportunity to spend some time outside.

I managed to say with Marathon Girl through the first four miles without much difficulty. But as we came back through our neighborhood, Marathon Girl pulled ahead. It didn't take long for her to have a half block lead on me.

Because it was such a nice day, there were a lot of people out in their yards mowing the grass or getting their flower bed ready to plant. I watch their reactions as Marathon Girl ran past. Most stopped what they were doing and waved or shouted words of encouragement. A few shook their head in disbelief as if they couldn't imagine seeing a woman pushing a double-wide stroller so quickly.

Most of these people know that Marathon Girl a fast runner and have seen her kicking my butt running on more than one occasion. Still, the sight of her beating her husband while pushing a double-wide running stroller always brings an amused smile to their faces.

"Did my wife run by here?" I said as I passed one man who was spraying weed killer on his lawn.

The man looked up the road just as Marathon Girl turned the corner. "You have quite a bit of catching up to do," he said, the smile on his face growing bigger by the second.

After we had our first son, it was somewhat embarrassing to run through the neighborhood and have Marathon Girl continually beat me while pushing a stroller.

But the embarrassment didn't last long. Marathon Girl is a great runner and watching her run with or without a stroller is a beautiful thing. She's an amazing athlete and I love watching her push her body to the limit each time she runs. I'm a lucky man to be married to such an amazing woman.

I love being married to such a wonderful athlete, great mother, and perfect wife.

I love being married to Marathon Girl -- the fastest woman I know.