Small Shopping Carts

The grocery store near our home has about a half dozen miniaturized shopping carts. They’re about a third the size of a normal shopping cart and are perfect for children to use who are too short or small to “help” mom and dad by pushing the big shopping cart. Every time I take Aidan to the store, I hope that a small cart is available because it keeps Aidan from engaging in mischievous three-year-old behavior. I was relieved to find one last night when Marathon Girl and I did our huge monthly shopping trip. Instead of having to worry about Aidan running all over the place, we just give him a cart and he and I take part of the grocery list and go shopping. Not only does this cut the amount of time we spend in the store by about a third, but it actually makes grocery shopping a fun experience. Aidan and I race down an aisles, food put it in the cart, and race down another one to get more food. When his cart is full, we empty the contents into my bigger shopping cart and go find more food.

So last night after I put him to bed, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was.

“Buying food,” Aidan said.

“I like it when you help Dad buy food,” I said. “You’re a good helper.”

“Can we buy food tomorrow?” Aidan asked.

I explained to Aidan that we didn’t need to buy food everyday but next time I needed to go to the store he was more than welcome to come and help.

I don’t know who came up with the idea of making small carts for kids, but I hope the person’s a millionaire. Those carts have made grocery shopping something I actually look forward too as opposed to just another chore. The person that can do that should be richly rewarded indeed.

Hope you all have a safe and memorable Independence Day!