Six more weeks of winter

I find myself wishing the snow would stay a few more weeks.

Usually forty degree temperatures and brown lawns in the neighborhood brings a smile to my face. It means warmer mornings for running, longer days, and that baseball season is right around the corner.

But this year is different.

I wouldn't mind a few more weeks of winter.

The reason for this sudden change is Aidan.

He loves the snow. He loves playing in it. He loves touching it. But what he loves the most is helping his dad shovel the driveway and sidewalks. (He loves this activity so much that I'll admit that I've been disappointed a few times when forecast has called for lots of snow and we end up with nothing on the ground.)

Take Saturday. An overnight snow storm dumped two inches of white powder.

After Aidan was ready for the day I asked. "Do you want to shovel snow with Daddy?"

Aidan babbled something excitedly and ran to find his boots and coat. A few minutes later we were outside shoveling snow.

Well, I was shoveling.

Aidan was raking snow. (Since we only have one snow shovel, Aidan uses our garden rake.)

But Aidan doesn't care what tool he has. He's just happy to be playing in the snow with Dad.And while I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk Aidan followed me around, pushing the rake in front of him.

Though I'm sure warming temperatures will bring something new the two of us can do together, I'm going to miss the expression on his face when in the mornings when he looks out the window and realizes there was new snow on the ground.